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AZ Gov Officials are Usurping & Trespassing Against the People & Have No Authority to be in Office

Daniel Wood & Joseph Grimm – TRUE Grassroots Warriors! They are the PERFECT example of what it means when “they” (Candidates, Politicians, Groups, etc) say “We’re Fighting For You!” THEY Are NOT. These Guys ARE!

The Court Would NOT Allow Them To File Their Final Document: Writ of Contempt of the Arizona and United States Constitutions Supersedeas & The Court HIRED an Attorney!

This Court Case Is Reforming Government By Shifting The Power To The People Since Government Is Usurping & Trespassing Against We The People. It Lays Out The REAL Insurrection!

All Government Officials have NO authority to be in their positions because they DID NOT take the correct OATH. They have NO power to be taking any actions and must be removed from office.

Government has dissolved itself and We The People need to assemble to handle OUR OWN business & hold OUR OWN REAL Elections & VOTE for new officials.

Only 3% Of The People Did The Work To SAVE Our Nation Before . . . Now It’s Time To Take Her Back!

✅ The Arizona Court Case proving our Elections & All Acts are Unconstitutional ✅ The Subpoenas sent to EVERY legislaTURD & administraTURD in the State of AZ demanding copies of their OATHS – Which NO ONE provided ✅ How Important it is to Hold Them Accountable & DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY (including ALL CANDIDATES!) ✅ A refresher on the Constitution – “All Political Power Is Inherent In The People.”

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