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Attorney Todd Callender: The Goal of the covid Jab is to Turn People into Cloud Computing Nodes

Attorney Todd Callender has been on the forefront of using the legal system to thwart the Powers-That-Be and Big Pharma from fully implementing their transhumanist agenda through the covid bioweapon injections. He joined this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to reveal the sinister plan behind the covid jabs.

Obviously, there’s a depopulation agenda being implemented, which is why we are seeing so many people dying out of nowhere after getting jabbed. At the same time, for those that survive the genocide, there’s a trans humanist strategy to control people through artificial intelligence and technology being combined with the human body.

During our conversation, Callender explained what happens once the mRNA injections take effect inside the body:

“Once the body is committed to this; once the operating system is installed… that’s what Moderna said in their early paperwork. They said they’re installing a hardware.

“By virtue of the ingredients of the hydrogel… when it binds to flesh and living tissue, it turns that living tissue into a battery, into a transistor, a transmitter and amplifier.

“That’s what all of the science says. That’s what, in fact, the patents say. Bill Gates, through Microsoft, has such a patent…

“The goal of the exercise is to turn people into cloud computing nodes and into batteries and transmitters.”

As Karen Kingston and I have discussed many times on our weekly show In the Foxhole, the use of Quantum Dots, Artificial Intelligence and the rest of the technology being used within the Poison Death Shots are nothing short of demonic.

The powers-that-be already claim that humanity no longer has free will since they can control our thoughts. This may be just the next step in ensuring that to be the case.

So what’s the best thing you can do to thwart their plans? First, as Dr Judy Mikovits has been saying, stop taking any of Big Pharma’s injections. According to Callender, many of the problem ingredients in the covid jabs are now being used in the rest of the vaccines.

Secondly, learn the truth and have these difficult conversations with your friends and family, armed with objective facts and truths that can give them the opportunity of snapping out of their brainwashed slumber.

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