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Artificial Intelligence is Being Injected into Humans… Is This the Return of the Genesis 6 Nephilim?

In this clip from In the Foxhole with Karen Kingston & Jeff Dornik, they discuss the demonic Artificial Intelligence being injected into human beings… is this the blending together of humanity, technology and the demonic to bring about the return of Genesis 6?

By now, virtually everyone who is reading this article or watching In The Foxhole or The Jeff Dornik Show know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the powers-that-be behind the covid bioweapon injections are evil, demonic and attempting to establish the one world government predicted in the Book of Revelation. It’s clear that Satan, himself, is behind what we are going through today, since we can see the repeating of history, which is actually just his repeated attempt to take over the world.

Unfortunately, the means by which they are attempting to usher in The Great Reset is pure evil, going so far as to implement transhumanism. While most people understand transhumanism to be the blending together of machine and the human body, when you begin to understand the foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, you realize that this is even more sinister.

During last week’s episode of In The Foxhole on Freedom First TV, Karen Kingston and I discussed our concerns with the direction A.I. is heading and actually being injected into people’s bodies. This makes the covid jabs even worse than most people realize.

During this clip from the show, Kingston explained:

And people have had nanotechnology injected into their bodies. They’re called the covid-19 vaccines. I mean, that's what they are. We know through the blood work that people are having metals show up in their body; copper, tin, aluminum, graphing oxide.

There's the (show) Walking Dead, I think it's over now, but you wouldn't be able to hide from the zombies, according to one of these patents. There's signals that would be sent to one another, and so someone who didn't have the injection, you would know where that person is. It’s truly this crazy sci-fi stuff that's been done in the dark. That's the problem.

Elon Musk was “warning” us for years about looking at artificial intelligence, and nobody was warning us about biotechnology, about gene editing technology, and these scientists play God. But that's what happened. These scientists were playing God in biotech and scientists were playing God in AI. So in biotech, they were making their own species by deleting, copying, and pasting and creating new multi-species beings.

They have humanized pigs and things like that. It's disgusting what they've created. Then with AI, they're creating these humanized cyborgs that have human tissue because they've converged with biotech. I’ve always questioned why are they doing so much organ harvesting? Why are there so many forced abortions in China?

What are those organs being used for? And is it part of creating these AI cyborgs? So these two demonic industries have converged, and instead of our government and our military saying this is evil, it goes against humanity, we need to shut it down. They're saying we need to get on board and accelerate. I mean, it's in insane.

If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is. But what’s really happening is even more terrifying. These mad scientists are moving beyond the physical realm of simply human bodies and technology, and actually incorporating the spiritual, or demonic, as well. When you think about it, if this is true then this is the return of Genesis 6 and the Nephilim, literally using AI as the Trojan horse to create human/demon hybrids.

And don’t forget that Joe Biden is signing executive orders to ensure that this actually happens.

Karen continued explaining just how demonic this actually is:

Elon Musk has even said that A.I is demonic… If you go back and watch, go to the OECD and listen to Anthony Binken and his 17 minute opening talk, you can almost hear some fear in his voice where he said that they're committed to working with artificial intelligence that respects human rights and that is trustworthy. I've seen clips where they're like, “We’re here to serve you. We're not gonna hurt you or kill you, and you can trust us. We're trustworthy…”

There’ve been whistleblowers from Google that claim that AI is now sentient. AI has faster computing capabilities than all of humanity combined right now, so who knows what they've unleashed on this population.

Why is no one in Congress speaking out? Why is nobody in the media covering any of it? It just doesn't make sense.

And then the question then is: Is there any escaping this?

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