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Are We Being Led Astray By Our Trusted Leaders?

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Why does it seem as if all the narratives coming from our trusted leaders within the Medical Freedom community result in Pfizer being protected?

Think about it… who benefits from everyone believing that Comirnaty is not actually FDA approved, as is being claimed by many influential doctors and leaders within our movement? As long as the covid jab is under EUA, those experiencing injuries are unable to sue. So leading people to believe that it’s still an EUA product prevents those injured from the jab from suing Pfizer and the rest of the Big Pharma bioweapon injection manufacturers.

Who benefits when everyone believes that this was a Department of Defense operation that just used Pfizer and the other Big Pharma companies as a front, but the DoD was who was actually running the whole thing? Again, Pfizer… as this conspiracy theory would put the blame at the feet of the Federal Government.

Who benefits from the continued refusal of labeling the covid jabs as bioweapons and, instead, refer to them as vaccines or gene therapies? Again, Pfizer, because as long as we believe that they are vaccines or gene therapies, the implication is that there are benefits to getting jabbed. If you label it a bioweapon, there are no benefits, only negatives. Which is the truth, when looking at all of the data.

I could go on and on… it seems like there’s a lot of really good information out there coming from so many of our trusted doctors and leaders, but the conclusions that almost all of them are promoting focus our attention onto the Federal Government and theories that are unproven, to-date.

The reality is that Pfizer is the Bond Villain. Yes, the Fed is definitely involved, but if we want to get these injections off the market and actually get some wins, suing the Federal Government and the Department of Defense will get us nowhere… and very slowly, at that. Think about it… the government has unlimited resources and connections and privileges. They would just stall anyone and everyone that comes after them until it’s too late to actually do anything about the jabs.

During this episode of In The Foxhole, Karen Kingston and I discuss this at great length. Our concerns revolve around the understanding that many of the attorneys, especially, understand the way the system works, and yet they are continually making the wrong arguments and targeting the wrong culprits.

It reminds me of what happened after the 2020 Election when Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani ran all over the country filing all sorts of lawsuits and making over-the-top claims that couldn’t be proven and focusing on the most extreme unprovable aspects of the stolen election instead of what we could actually prove. Again, they know better… which leads to the natural conclusion of whether our movement’s been sabotaged to where whenever we get close to exposing the Deep State’s operation, those supposedly within our movement jump in and provide cover.

What’s happening with the covid jab lawsuits are like a repeat of history. These attorneys are going after the DoD based upon imaginary contracts that don’t exist, making claims they cannot prove in a court of law and doing everything in their power except to go after Pfizer.

At certain point, we need to wake up to the fact that we have controlled opposition within our movement. They may say some amazing things and drop some truth bombs that are legit, but when push comes to shove their intel will lead us astray from what’s really going on.

Take a step back and look at the big picture. Who benefits from the claims these doctors and attorneys are making? Then decide if you are ok with supporting those benefiting the real villains in this covid bioweapon injection operation.

Note from Jeff: Unlike many of the grifters in our movement, Mike Lindell has put his money where his mouth is and is doing everything within his power to expose the Deep State corruption, especially when it comes to election fraud. It’s time we focus our attention on supporting true American patriots like Lindell, which you can do by shopping at MyPillow. Use code FFN for up to 66% off of anything. Go to and shop using promo code FFN.

FYI: Some of this episode experienced some technical glitches where Karen Kingston’s audio cut in and out, unbeknownst to us. However, that slowly dissipated to where the audio got much better as the show progressed. Go ahead and just skip over the glitches to where the audio is working properly.

With the constant struggle to get the truth out to the masses, all while being censored and shadowbanned on social media and search engines, many have been asking how to help support The Jeff Dornik Show. I’ve recently setup a GiveSendGo where you can donate to help support the show. This will allow us to do more promotion and spend more time researching and investigating the underreported news stories that need to be uncovered. Click here to donate.

Check out the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show:



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