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Apathy Will be the Downfall of the Republican Party

During a recent appearance on Red Voice Media’s I’m Fired Up, host Chad Caton and I discussed our deep concerns with the future of the Republican Party rooted around one word… apathy. That will be the downfall of our party unless we can do more than post on Twitter and show up to rallies. We’ve got to get active if we want to save America.

Part of the reason why so many have become apathetic is due to the psyops sucking so many in. For example, the Trust the Plan movement has caused so many people to lost the motivating fire to get involved because they believe that Donald Trump and the military will save the day. Trust me, they won’t.

Stop being fired up over others fighting for our country, and instead get fired up TO save the country.

I’m writing more about this in my book Following the Leader, which Chad and I also discussed extensively. Pre-order a signed copy today at

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