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Jackson Lahmeyer: Americans are Sick of Having Propaganda Jammed Down Their Throats

Historically, Republicans have not had a spine. They’ve refused to tackle the controversial issues, and are terrified of the Left attacking them for even the most minor controversy. Enter Donald Trump.

When Trump came in like a wrecking ball in a china shop, he gave the GOP a semblance of strength. As President of the United States, he confronted the Deep State head-on. Unfortunately, that meant that he created a lot of enemies in the Washington DC Swamp, including his own party who just wanted to go back to business-as-usual.

After the 2020 Election was rigged and Trump was replaced with Joe Biden, the GOP just went back to their standard practices of posturing and talking a big game, all while doing nothing of substance to actually accomplish something on behalf of the America people.

This is why I’ve called for virtually every Republican politician currently in office to be primaried by outsider America First candidates. One of those candidates I’m completely getting behind is Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who has been active in his local community fighting against medical tyranny by signing more than 50,000 religious exemptions for people trying to protect themselves and their family from the Poison Death Shot.

Now that he’s running for the U.S. Senate, challenging RINO James Lankford from Oklahoma, he wants to take that same fight to DC. The first thing that will set him apart from the rest of the Establishment Politicians is that he’s going to call out the propaganda surrounding the supposed vaccines because, as he said during our interview at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in San Diego, they do not meet the qualification and definition of vaccine.

“One of the things that I can do (when I get to Washington DC)… is to simply say, “These are not vaccines.” Can you imagine if a Senator in the US Senate actually actually made that statement? These are not actually vaccines. Traditionally, what we define as a vaccine these things, whatever you want to call them, don’t meet that standard.

Now, nobody’s going to say that because it’s politically incorrect and it’s also culturally incorrect to say that. So one of the things that I will do is just declare the truth, that is what I have been doing, which is why our campaign has caught fire.

People, like you, are saying, “I’m so sick and tired of political correctness. I just want somebody that will be bold enough to say exactly what it is.” And that is why we have done so well so far. We will declare it and that is something I will do.

Now, when you’re talking legislatively, that’s a totally different ballgame. That is a Medical Freedom issue. Let people decide. They need to know the information, our government doesn’t need to be paying the media… to push these shots. Our government doesn’t need to be doing that.

People need to make their own decision, they don’t need to have propaganda jammed down their throats and to feel guilted or forced into take something they are uncomfortable taking.”

This is a breath of fresh air to hear someone who has momentum on his side when it comes to his campaign for Senate and it turns out he actually has a backbone and is willing to take a stand on principles, including when it comes to the vax and medical freedom. I’ve had enough of the tough talk and weak actions, and Jackson Lahmeyer sure seems to be the guy that is principled enough to follow through with his campaign promises once he gets to Washington DC.

For more information on Jackson Lahmeyer’s campaign and to get involved or donate, please visit

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