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Alleged President Biden is Doing the Bidding of Putin by Opposing Russia to Get Us Into WWIII

Trevor Loudon is one of the foremost experts in America on Marxism. He’s spent countless years studying this ideology and those espousing it. While the term Marxist gets thrown around a lot, many do not understand the implications of just how far-reaching this ideology actually is.

So many within both the Senate and House of Representatives have been compromised by this ideology. Often times, they’ve been compromised and co-opted by forces outside of the United States. This is extremely dangerous given the current geopolitical chaos that is occurring, with wars and rumors of wars.

Trevor Loudon joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to break down his understanding of what’s really going on in world events, who’s really behind it and what’s the purpose of this chaos.

One of the interesting allegations that he made against the Alleged President Joe Biden is that he’s really working for Russian President Vladimir Putin. That would make sense when you remember that the Marxists always accuse the other side of doing what they themselves are doing. Remember Russiagate? That was information that Hillary Clinton got from the Russians to attack Trump with. The Clintons, Bidens and many other Democrats have been working on behalf of the Russians for decades.

If Biden is working for Putin, then why is he opposing Russia?

Take a look at the alliances that Russia has made over the last couple of years. Russia, China and Iran are making up the new Axis of Evil and they are making a play to unseat the United States of America as the world’s superpower. They want World War III.

Russia invaded Ukraine. China is threatening Taiwan and the Philippines. Hamas, working on behalf of Iran, attacked Israel. They are all strategically attacking allies of the U.S. in hopes that we get sucked into another world war. And Joe Biden is playing his part to make sure that happens.

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