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Aaron Sorrells: Vaccine Mandates Are Nothing Short of Blackmail and Extortion

Aaron Sorrells is running for Lt General of Texas, which he says is actually the most powerful position in the state. During this episode of the Jeff Dornik, he explains how he plans to fix many of the problems Texans are facing today, including illegal immigration, vaccine mandates and our Constitutional Rights being trampled upon.

One of the biggest complaints that conservatives have with the Republican Party is that it’s filled with RINOs. The reality, however, is that we only have ourselves to blame.

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Often times we pick who we’ll vote for in the primaries based upon who we think has the best chance of winning, often times settling for a milk-toast candidate that is easily manipulated by the swamp of Washington DC.

What if, instead, we simply voted for who we believe is the right candidate for the job and whose beliefs most align with our own? The entire face of the GOP would shift almost immediately.

Aaron Sorrells is one of those principled conservative candidates that we need to get behind. He is running for Lieutenant General of the state of Texas, which he says is quite possibly the most powerful position in the state… even more so than that of governor.

While Texas has the reputation of being a Republican State, the leadership is anything but principled conservatives. Governor Greg Abbott was actually an early adopter of the Covid-19 lockdowns, destroying countless number of lives and businesses. However, once it became politically expedient, he opened back up his state, claiming that he was fighting to protect the Constitutional Rights of his citizens.

You don’t get to take credit for undoing your own tyrannical mandates. Yet, that’s exactly what the Republican leadership in Texas is doing.

Sorrells likened the attempts by our government to implement lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates to that of blackmail and extortion. "You can't put food on your table unless you comply to the government's will!" This is shameful and needs to be stopped as quickly as possible.

Sorrells shared how he’d be able to fight against the tyrannical edicts coming both from the governor’s office as well as from Washington DC. Given that the Lt Gov has more control over the finances and spending of the state, he can use that to the advantage of the Texas people.

The issues Sorrells plans to focus on once in office is protecting Texans from medical tyranny, completing Trump’s wall to shut down illegal immigration and the skyrocketing property taxes.

Out of all the candidates running for this position, Sorrells is the most principled conservative out of the bunch. When you hear him explain his positions, it’s clear that he understands what he’s talking about and isn’t just reciting the typical Republican talking points.

It’s time we take back our country. The way to do that is to take back our local government. That’s exactly what Texas has the opportunity to do in this upcoming Lieutenant Governor election.

For more information on Aaron Sorrells and his campaign or to get involved and donate, please visit


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