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A Warning To Those Blaming the Military for the Covid Bioweapon Injections

One of the weaknesses of the anti-covid vaxx community is that there is not a cohesive message. Everyone is working as an individual, which means there’s all sorts of theories being thrown around.

You’ve got some people talking about snake venom in the water, while others are claiming that Big Pharma owns your body if you are jabbed. Others claim the FDA never approved the Comirnaty jab, while others put all the responsibility on the military, giving a pass to Big Pharma.

At a certain point, we’ve got to all get on the same page. While there are slivers of truth in each of these theories, they are also potentially leading people away from where our target lies: Big Pharma is responsible for the release of the bioweapon injections that are causing massive amounts of injury, disability and death.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I take a deep dive into refuting some of the claims made about the covid jab being a military operation and not really FDA approved by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Sasha Latypova.

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With the constant struggle to get the truth out to the masses, all while being censored and shadowbanned on social media and search engines, many have been asking how to help support The Jeff Dornik Show. I’ve recently setup a GiveSendGo where you can donate to help support the show. This will allow us to do more promotion and spend more time researching and investigating the underreported news stories that need to be uncovered. Click here to donate.

Check out the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show:



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