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Pastor Cary Gordon Exposes The Evil Plot to Send the Masses to Hell Through the Redefinition of Sin

Pastor Cary Gordon is the voice of the new documentary Enemies Within the Church, also produced by Judd Saul and Trevor Loudon. This is one of the most important Christian documentaries to ever be released, as it not only points out the dangers of the Marxist infiltration into the church, but exposes the false gospel they preach and just how deeply entrenched they are within Evangelicalism.

During this episode of Conversations with Jeff, I had the opportunity to have an hour-long conversation with Pastor Gordon, who I first met when I spoke at the Stand Against Marxism Conference in Des Moines, IA. What I appreciate about Pastor Gordon is his faithfulness to the Word and the Gospel. It’s clear that he has a heart for the lost, which is why it’s so important to stop these false teachers that have crept into the church.

Our conversation discussed a wide variety of topics, including political involvement of Christians, the Democrat Party’s platform, Donald Trump and Woke Christianity. The most important topic of conversation, however, got down to the heart of the Gospel by focusing on one of the primary topics of attack by the modern-day heretic: What is sin?

You might hear so many woke posters who claim to preach the one true Gospel. And they do, in word only. The problem is that they redefine words… chiefly sin. By changing sin from it’s biblical definition to a woke “oppression” outlook, you lose the heart of the Gospel, which turns into a false gospel. This means that anyone who believes in this “gospel” with the redefinition of sin is a false convert and going to hell.

This is a theological battle that we must win if we want to save America. Our only chance is through the faithful preaching of the Gospel. If we want to see a true awakening, we must get the Gospel right.

I highly encourage you to watch Pastor Cary Gordon’s movie Enemies Within the Church, which features my good friend Bobby Lopez, host of The Big Brown Gadfly. You can rent or purchase it at

Another documentary you should check out is the upcoming Freedom First TV production, Two Mules: Our Day on the Border with Tim Foley. Chad Caton took two congressional candidates, Josh Barnett and Garrett Barton, down to the border where they met up with Tim Foley of Cartel Land and saw the work of the cartels up close and personal. Check out the trailer at and use code JEFF for a 25% discount on the FFTV subscription.



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John Tokalenko
John Tokalenko
Jun 23, 2022

Modern "churches" are businesses foremost. If you have a 501(c)(3) Babylon license, then you have declared that you have an earthly, worldly master. Most critics of "bad theology" do so from the position of hypocrisy.


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