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Matt Schlapp's American Conservative Union Takes Money to Promote Leftist Agenda

Matt Schlapp's American Conservative Union, which puts on CPAC every year, has long touted itself as, well, conservative. They always get all the big name conservative influencers to speak there every year, including the duly elected President of the United States: Donald Trump.

Anyone who has watched the last couple of years will see that there's been a lot of Republicans who get up there on stage and tout themselves as Donald Trump supporters. However, when they go back and legislate in the swamp of Washington DC, they rarely enact an America First Agenda.

I've long refused to be a part of CPAC. This year I even half-contemplated attending, as a few friends were going who asked me to come along. My response, though, was simple: I don't like hanging out with RINOs.

How can I say that, especially when they claim to be America First Conservatives and have the word Conservative in their name? I believe that many of those that are platformed are RINOs who are only Trump supporters in hopes of getting re-elected, not because they actually believe in the ideology.

The National Pulse confirmed their RINO status, given the fact that the American Conservative Union accepted money from a left-wing source to push "civil rights, social action, advocacy"... in other words, the worldview of the Democrat Party.

Doesn't sound very conservative to me, does it? The National Pulse writes:

The American Conservative Union (ACU) – which hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – took a six figure donation from a leading left-wing fund for the purposes of “civil rights, social action, advocacy,” according to the fund’s financial records dated 2020, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The New Venture Fund, whose mission statement revolves around “Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Commitment,” issued a cash grant of $183,250 to the ACU, run by Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, in 2020. The fund is known for its work supporting anti-Trump, anti-conservative initiatives.

The National Pulse can also reveal that in recent months, the American Conservative Union pulled from its website a letter sent to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) criticizing them for their pro-transgender sports position. The letter was originally widely circulated, but hurriedly pulled down a few months later. It is still available via the Wayback Machine, here.

The letter appears to have been pulled down at roughly the same time Schlapp promoted communications staff Regina Bratton, who called Joe Biden “our last hope” against Donald Trump, and insulted the former President’s intelligence. Bratton has lauded political activists such as Alyssa Milano, the Lincoln Project, Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain, Mitt Romney, The Daily Show, Joy Reid, Amy Klobuchar, and others.

At what point will we, the truly conservative patriots who love this country, stop giving our money to PACs and RINOs who are taking money from the Left to enact their agenda? I say the time is well past due.

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