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Woke Christianity has Taken Over the Evangelical Church

The Evangelical Elite have changed the face of Christianity over the past few years.

Woke Christianity has be on the rise over the years, starting back in the hippie days of the 1970s, moving forward into the seeker-sensitive movement in the 1990s, and into the Emergent Church movement during the 2000s, before finally taking over Evangelicalism as a whole today.

The Evangelical Church was the last stand against the tyranny we face today… and the enemy knows this, which is why they infiltrated and hijacked the movement, rendering it largely useless. In the book Church & State authors like Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Michael Brown, Denise McAllister and Jeff Dornik break down exactly how the Left was able to use the Church to conquer America. Order your copy today!

As you can see, this has been progressively in the works for decades.

Today, we see a mainstream Evangelicalism that promotes virtually all of the talking points of the progressive Democrats: racial reparations, climate change, systemic racism, universal basic income, illegal immigration, feminism... and the list goes on and on.

If you were to listen to the talking points coming out of leading organizations like The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention, you would think you were hearing from Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

How did we go from a conservative base that was patriotic to one that hates America and is now progressive?

This article is taken from the first book that I published called Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America, co-authored with Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Michael Brown, JD Rucker and several others. Each contributing author breaks down a different aspect of the strategy employed by the Left to infiltrate the Evangelical Church for the purpose of conquering America. Click here to order!



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