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WARNING: Don’t Take the Red Wave for Granted

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I’ve been warning for months now to not take the Red Wave for granted. Republicans everywhere are relying on their hope-ium, holding onto the hope that the GOP will take back the House and/or Senate. The reality is that we need more than just hope… we need action.

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to be able to win the 2022 Mid-Terms with little-to-no election fraud. They are using the overturning of Roe v Wade to get their base fired up, and I think that a lot of Republicans are underestimating just how revved up they’ve gotten their base over murdering babies.

Then you look at Joe Biden’s Hitler-esque speech the other night where he labeled MAGA Republicans as extremists that are a threat to democracy, all while standing in what can only be described as a backdrop fitting of a Nazi dictator. Those were fighting words, and it’s clear it’s meant to create more division, animosity and potential violence.

Our one shot of thwarting their mission of utterly destroying America is to win the 2022 Mid-Terms in such a landslide that we overcome even their most blatant attempts to rig the election. Otherwise, I don’t foresee America making it to the 2024 elections.

During a recent episode of BrighteonTV’s America Unhinged, I guest-hosted for Dr John Diamond. I spent the entire hour explaining why I’m concerned about the 2022 Mid-Terms, why we can’t take the Red Wave for granted and what we need to do between now and November to ensure we save America.

We’ve got a ton of work to do, and that means we need never-ending energy. Make sure you are staying caffeinated with the coffee of patriots… Freedom First Coffee. You don’t want a cup of Joe, you want a cup of FREEDOM. Order a bag of our 100% organic and fire-roasted coffee using code JEFF for 10% off at

Be sure to watch the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Kay Rubacek, where we discuss the Communist takeover of America.

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