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Top Network Issues Surreal Memo: Don't Refer to Hamas as 'Terrorists'

(Joe Kovacs, WND News Center) - A major broadcaster in North America is reportedly instructing its journalists not to refer to Hamas attackers as “terrorists.”

The media giant in question is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC, which apparently issued an internal memo over the weekend in the wake of Hamas’ onslaught of killings and kidnappings in Israel, with more than 700 murdered and at least 2,300 wounded.

StopAntisemitism posted the internal email on X, stating:

“We have just obtained what appears to be a leaked email written by CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corp) employee George Achi instructing reporters to:

“1. not to mention Gaza has not been occupied since 2005

“2. not refer to Palestinian terrorists as terrorists

“If true, this employee, must be fired.”

The instruction was apparently issued by George Achi, director of journalistic standards at CBC News in Toronto, who apparently indicated:

“Do not refer to militants, soldiers, or anyone else as ‘terrorists.’ The notion of terrorism remains heavily politicized and is part of the story.”

“Please do not describe 2005 as ‘the end of the occupation’ as Israel has maintained control over airspace, seafront and virtually all movement into or out of the area,” the memo noted.

“As always, please use fact-based, avoid loaded qualifiers and anything that sounds like opinion.”

Ironically, Canada has listed Hamas as a terrorist entity since Nov. 27, 2002, and even reviewed that listing on June 4, 2021.

The Canadian government says: “Hamas, the Arabic acronym for the group Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiya, is a radical Islamist-nationalist terrorist organization that emerged from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987. It uses political and violent means to pursue its goal of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel.

“Since 1990, Hamas has been responsible for terrorist attacks against both civilian and military targets. Hamas has been one of the primary groups involved in suicide bombings aimed at Israelis since the start of the Al-Aqsa intifada in September 2000. In 2006, Hamas participated in and won Palestinian parliamentary elections, leading to negotiations between the group and the Palestinian Authority over the establishment of a unity government. In 2007, however, Hamas overthrew the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip and seized power of the coastal territory. Although the group’s political leadership resides in Damascus, Hamas uses the Gaza Strip as a base for terrorist operations aimed against Israel.”

According to the Associated Press, CBC received some $900 million in Canadian government funding in 2021-2022.

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