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This Supplement Prevents Blood Clots

Americans are about as unhealthy as we’ve ever been. Compared to decades past, our life expectancy is still very high… but our overall health and well-being is way down.

When you take a look at the standard American diet, it’s no surprise. The average American consumes at least four times the amount of sugar they should be having. Most people are eating primarily processed foods filled with all sorts of chemicals, pesticides and preservatives. Even our produce is now smothered in nanotechnology with products like Apeel.

Throw on top of that the chemtrails that the government is putting in the sky filled with toxins. Then there’s the hormones and vaccines put into our meat. And we haven’t even gotten to the over-reliance on Big Pharma and the drug industry.

Essentially, we are being exposed to all sorts of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals that are wreaking havoc on our bodies.

And then, to top it all off, humanity has been exposed to the covid jabs (aka bioweapon injections) which are filled with the deadly spike proteins and other harmful technologies. As we all know, heart attacks and blood clots are skyrocketing after the rollout of the covid jabs. Myocarditis is one of the primary concerns of the vaccinated… at least the ones who are actually paying attention.

However, if you think you are save just because you didn’t get the clot shot, you’re going to have to rethink that. With shedding, we’ve all become exposed to this toxic injection. This means we all need to take the proper precautions to stay healthy.

Obviously, exercise and diet are of utmost importance. Cleaning up your exposure to toxins and chemicals are also right up there. I also recommend building up your natural immune system with Z-Stack and Z-DTOX, two products developed by Dr Zev Zelenko… the doctor responsible for the HCQ protocol to treat covid-19.

According to Dr Zelenko, “Anyone who unfortunately took the vaccine is at a much higher risk of blood clots.”

He continued:

“There is an over-the-counter substance called N-acetylcysteine or NAC, and it’s a powerful substance that prevents blood clots”, which he recommends for people who have "been vaccinated" or have a "high risk of blood clots"

Understanding this, Dr Zelenko customized his Z-DTOX and supplement to target this specific issue.

I can’t recommend enough that you stock up on Z-DTOX. Again, if you are living life in America, you are getting exposed to the toxic spike proteins and covid jabs through shedding. Don’t think you are immune to the effects of the supposed “vaccine.”

Order today using discount code JEFF5 to save 5% and rest assured that you are taking the right steps to stay healthy and build up your natural immune system.



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