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The Transhumanists are Using You to Build The Technology That Will Eliminate the Need for Humans

(Jeff Dornik) - I've been warning people for a long time about the the transhumanist movement. The person who really woke me up to what is going on with this was Pastor Cary Gordon, who's been preaching about this for years from the pulpit in his church.

The ultimate goal is to blend together technology and human biology to make hybrids not unlike what we see in the Terminator franchise, or even the more recent Fast and Furious movie Hobbs & Shaw. Recently, Elon Musk shared his vision for what artificial intelligence could bring about... which is simply a hedonistic "heaven" as he refers to it. To me, it would be hell. You can have everything you've ever wanted without having to work. Essentially, we just become consuming blobs of flesh.

This is what makes Elon's purchase of Twitter, now X, so concerning. He didn't buy it to defend free speech, as everyone claims. That was just a ruse. This was really about collecting all of our data... our thoughts, articles, videos, everything... and funneling that data into his artificial intelligence, xAI. This will make his AI the most relevant and up-date on the planet. Way more current than even ChatGPT.

This is only Step 1. Just imagine the kind of power he'll have once he combines xAI with his Neuralink brain chips, which will allow access to the internet and AI in your mind. I predict that he'll become the most powerful man on the planet, given that he's already stated that he'll have the ability to erase your memories and give you new ones that never actually took place.

This should terrify you down to your core. This should also cause you to be concerned about your involvement in X moving forward. Yes, most of us are on his social media platform. But should we be? That's something I've been mulling over. That's a decision that each of us are going to have to make at some point.

I'm currently working on a new social media platform that has a different philosophy. While Elon Musk is using humanity to build his technology, I want to use technology to build up humanity. This means that the end game is to make humankind better, not rape and pillage mankind for the benefit of a robot.

This social media platform will be called pickax, and will have many of the features you already love about social media, plus some new ones and many more coming down the pike. We're launching beta Q1 of 2024, but you can sign up right now to be a part of Phase 1. We're making something special, and you can be a part of it. Click here to sign up to be notified once we launch Beta.



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