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The Three Things You Must Do Right Now to Prepare for World War III

The world is chaotic right now. Things are the least stable that I can remember them being in quite some time. Maybe even the worst since the aftermath of 9/11. The Bible talks wars and rumors of wars... and we've got that going on right now.

Ukraine vs Russia. Israel vs Hamas. China vs... well... everybody. Russia, Iran and China are making up what I refer to as the New Axis of Evil. And our leaders are playing right into their hands. That's not surprising, however, because they are bought and paid for by Russia and China (*cough* Hunter Biden *cough*).

When we look at the world stage, it feels as if the New Axis of Evil is trying to suck us into World War III. This would make sense, since China and Russia want to unseat America as the leader of the free world and replace us. I'm just praying that the bumbling fool that's in the White House, the Alleged President of the United States Joe Biden, does not get us into a world war.

If we do get sucked into the war in the Middle East, which is probably the most likely scenario, we'll see Russia, China and Iran all come to the defense of Hamas. Then World War III launches, and there's no turning back.

The Evangelical Church was the last stand against the tyranny we face today… and the enemy knows this, which is why they infiltrated and hijacked the movement, rendering it largely useless. In the book Church & State authors like Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Michael Brown, Denise McAllister and Jeff Dornik break down exactly how the Left was able to use the Church to conquer America. Order your copy today!

If World War III comes, we're going to have some major issues on the home front, even if the war is being raged half-way around the world. Because we rely on China and other countries for so much of what we consume as Americans, the supply chain issues that we've been dealing with will be nothing compared to that.

If we go to war with China, our economy is essentially ruined. Manufacturing goes out the window. Pharmaceutical drugs will be scarce. Even food supplies will be severely destroyed, both directly and passively. The question that I have for you is: Are you prepared?

Do you have food and water stocked up in case of an emergency like this? Do you have guns and ammo stocked and ready to go? Have you been buying gold and precious metals? Do you have an emergency medical kit for each member of your family?

Now is the time to get prepared before it's too late. Here's where I would start:

1) Reach out to Our Gold Guy to talk to Ira about investing in gold and precious metals. As it stands right now, your money is losing value sitting in your savings account due to inflation. If World War III erupts, we could see the tanking of the dollar. Reach out to Our Gold Guy for a complimentary consultation and protect your money. Let him know that Jeff Dornik sent you.

There’s only one pillow American Patriots rest their head on at night, and that’s MyPillow. The new MyPillow 2.0 is on sale from $79.96 to $39.98 if you use code FFN. Click here to order.

2) The Wellness Company's prescription-only Medical Emergency Kit provides you with a carefully selected assortment of vital medications, preparing you for those unpredictable moments in life. Our kit ensures access to proven treatments like Ivermectin, arming you with confidence in the face of unforeseen medical emergencies. Make sure you have at least one emergency kit per member of your household. Click here to order and use code JEFF for a 10% discount.

3) Stock up on as much freeze-dried beef from Freedom First Beef as possible. The reason I recommend them more than any other brand is their quality of beef. You don't want just the scraps like you typically get from other prepper companies. This is sous vide, freeze-dried, and ready to be eat today or in a decade. There's no mRNA vaccine, antibiotics, growth hormones or anything else that will mess with your immune system. This is premium-quality beef, which will provide the highest levels of nutritional value, which will allow your body to thrive in even the most dire circumstances. Click here to order and use code JEFF15 to get 15% off.

Don't wait until it's too late to get prepared. Take action right now. It's only a matter of time...



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