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The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

As Joe Biden prepares to read his State of the Union Address that was written for him by his handlers that is sure to be filled with lies, gaslighting and propaganda, Jeff Dornik breaks apart the actual state of the union. Unfortunately, with covid, election fraud, illegal immigration, Chinese spy balloons, war in Ukraine and the ushering in of The Great Reset, things are unprecedentedly bleak.

During tonight’s Address, Biden is going to do everything he can to make it seem like American life is much better under his regime. The reality is that there’s not a single aspect of life that is actually better as a result of his presidency. In fact, his presidency has done exactly the opposite.

Take gas prices, for example. Joe Biden is the reason our gas prices are through the roof. During Donald Trump’s presidency, he made us energy independent. We supplied our own oil. Then, when Biden assumed office, he shifted us back to being reliant upon foreign oil.

However, it was even worse than just that simple fact. Who did he sign a massive contract with to supply our oil? None other than Russia. Then, a short time later after we had become dependent upon that nation for our oil supply than Russia invaded Ukraine and Biden decided to stop buying oil from Putin as retaliation.

It was almost as if it were planned. Had he just kept things the way that Trump left them, Russia invading Ukraine would have no bearing on our gas prices. However, because Biden decided to cozy up to Putin, I’m paying $5 or more in gas out here in Communist California.

That is just one example of how the intentionally bad decisions of the Biden Administration have directly impacted me and my family, as well as yours too.

As you watch tonight’s SOTU, watch the disconnect from reality. The gaslighting will be very real throughout the entire night, assuring you that what you see right in front of you is not really what’s happening.

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