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The Root Problems Behind Drug Addiction and Homelessness are Being Ignored

Tim Arrigo joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the new documentary called The Threshing Floor, which takes a look at his transformative journey from debilitating addiction to triumphant recovery. It’s a compelling call for societal empathy and conversation change around addiction, demonstrating the power of human resilience.

The first half of this show we discuss Tim’s expertise with coaching businessmen to have successful relationships and marriages. What is required is a proper understanding of strong masculinity, as men are created to lead.

The second half of the conversation focuses on his upcoming documentary and the problem our nation is facing of homelessness and drug addiction. He has an interesting and nuanced take on this, especially given his background. He also explains why the current system of enablement is making things severely worse.

Tim is now the owner and CEO of Beyond Driven, where he helps married businessmen break free from self-destruction and reignite their marriage.

Watch the trailer for The Threshing Floor:

For more information on Tim Arrigo and Beyond Driven, please visit

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