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The Modern Art Industry Exists Almost Entirely to Launder Money

Hunter Biden as an artist has paintings being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece. That is absurd. But when you understand the ins and outs of the modern art industry, it all makes sense.

Artwork is known as one of the best ways to launder money.

There's no value given to any piece of art except for whatever people will pay. While buying and selling a car or a home is based upon the market and comparable sales, artwork is completely subjective, which opens it up to abuse by the ultra-wealthy.

The Instagram account @therealehu breaks it all down in this video:

Note from the Editor: The wealthy are always looking to buy assets that will adjust in value with inflation, whether it's real estate, precious metals or even artwork. Not all of us can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on those high ticket items, but almost anybody can afford to invest in precious metals. Reach out to Our Gold Guy, who is an America First Patriot and has some of the lowest rates in the industry, to see if investing in gold is right for you. Click here to request a complimentary consultation.



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