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The GOP Wants to Go Back to Business-As-Usual... We Cannot Allow That to Happen

Luckily, the Founding Fathers understood that a minority needed to be able to have a voice... Matt Gaetz is showing us that we just have to take advantage of it.

(Jeff Dornik, The Jeff Dornik Show) - The America First Movement is sick and tired of the Establishment GOP and RINOs who hate Trump and his supporters. They hate us because we actually want to hold them accountable.

I grew up in Arizona, where John McCain was our Senator. He would always run as a principled conservative, and then legislate as a more progressive Democrat… at least compared to the rhetoric he pitched voters with.

This is standard procedure among the Republicans. They’ll make all sorts of promises, and then they’ll get elected and go to the swamp of Washington DC only to turn their backs on their constituents. It’s one of the reasons Congress has such a low approval rating. People are sick and tired of being lied to.

Donald Trump really tapped into that sentiment. On the Democrat side, so did Bernie Sanders in 2016. They both understood that people wanted change. Luckily for us, enough people wanted the Trump change over the Sanders change.

Then came 2020, where the Uniparty Powers-That-Be ensured that Donald Trump would not be the President through rigging the elections. Now that Biden is the Alleged President sitting in the White House (or the sounds stage across the street), many within the GOP want to go back to business-as-usual.

Before the 2022 Mid-Terms, I went to a local GOP event out here in California where all of our Republican endorsed candidates were presented. The special guest speaker was none other than Ronna McDaniel. The agenda that they laid out was completely tone-deaf, and it sounded like they lifted it from the pre-Donald Trump era of Mitt Rommey and John McCain.

Most conservatives are concerned with the Intelligence Agencies and DOJ being weaponized against us, medical freedom being stripped away, corruption of Big Pharma, election fraud, illegal immigration and the economy tanking. The McDaniel agenda was more about bipartisanship, lowering taxes and beating the Democrats.

Then came Kevin McCarthy during his short-lived tenure as Speaker of the House. He made certain promises to Matt Gaetz and his small band of principled Representatives in order to get the position. Then, once he got in, he turned his back on this commitments and behaved like the typical Swamp Creature we knew he truly is.

Matt Gaetz got rid of him. In doing so, he laid out the strategy that we, as the America First voters that are sick and tired of the Uniparty, can implement to begin to right this sinking ship. Even if we are in the significant minority, we can still control the direction our party and ultimately the nation head in.

Here’s what you and I can implement from Matt Gaetz’s strategy in order to take on the Establishment Uniparty…

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