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The Deep State: Ivan Raiklin Exposes Who’s Really Calling the Shots

Former Green Beret and attorney Ivan Raiklin joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. Raiklin has been working tirelessly to expose the Deep State, who is really calling the shots and how to ultimately stop. Known as America’s Lawffensive Coordinator, this episode is sure to be a controversial one and will ruffle some feathers, to say the least. Follow Ivan Raiklin on X at @IvanRaiklin and subscribe to his Substack at Subscribe to The Jeff Dornik Show on Rumble, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Get well and stay well with solutions designed by top doctors with The Wellness Company. Stock up on emergency medical kits to be prepared for any emergency situation, their wide list of supplements to boost your immune system or their Telehealth memberships to get access to doctors 24/7. Use code JEFF for 10% off at Pre-order my upcoming book Following the Leader, which explains how the intelligence agencies use cult tactics to brainwash the masses and push propaganda through cult mentality. Sign up for pickax, the social media platform that protects free speech, is not beholden to Big Tech, has algorithms that amplify your voice and provides monetization opportunities for content creators.



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