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The Banking System is Collapsing for Technocrat Rule with CBDCs

Note from Jeff: As more banks collapse, they're going to get absorbed into a handful of Big Banks. This will lead to a centralization of control when it comes to our monetary system, which includes the value of the dollar. This means that we need to take control of our finances before it's too late.

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Many banks have begun to collapse these last several days. The mainstream media, of course, continues to play this out as if these were troubled banks in the first place. Yet, after the collapse more reports have appeared that these were inside efforts to collapse them.

We have heard from past Federal Reserve employees that recessions are systematic. We know that the leadership in this sector actively drives its ruin or success. They play with your money – or actually theirs.

Major investors and banks pulled out funds from these two major banks before they collapsed and before the news of it reached the public. They knew that this was about to be made to occur.

We also know there has been a major effort to collapse the United States economy and usher in technocratic control of the currency. The best way for this to occur is for their CBDCs which they are rolling out.

The digital currency controlled by world powers would subvert the constitutional protections for United States citizens. They would be under the complete control for whether they could buy or sell. Private property ownership would cease. Social credit scoring would eliminate dissidents.

There would be no need to attack and topple the United States constitution. The people would be seized and subjugated by the instituted currency. Technocrats would make the rules. Their dystopia will be assured.

It is time that local structures be put into place to prevent your fall. Bartering systems and community strength through their own systems must be prepared. It is a way for us to avoid their control which appears to be imminent.

This article was originally posted at Freedom First Network.

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