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The Attacks Against America by the Powers-That-Be are a Personal Attack Against You

In a media landscape cluttered with noise, where commentators often miss the mark, there are only a handful who truly cut through the chaos. One of those rare voices is Mel K, a relentless researcher and critical thinker who fearlessly tackles issues, armed with evidence and a commitment to truth. Every time I join her as a guest on The Mel K Show, it's not just an interview – it's an experience, a meeting of minds that delves into the heart of our societal unraveling.

Our recent discussion on The Mel K Show centered around my upcoming book, Following the Leader. This isn't just a book; it's a journey into the shadows where intelligence agencies experimented with mind control techniques within cults – techniques now unleashed upon the masses through propaganda and psyops. We peeled back layers, exposing the hidden threads that tie past atrocities to the present state of our nation where people can’t even believe what they are witnessing occur right in front of them.

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But that's not all. We dove into the realm of technological rebellion, exploring my latest venture – pickax, a social media platform designed to break the chains of Big Tech censorship. You can join this platform at, where free speech is not just a tagline but a battle cry.

Yet, it was the conversation about the uniparty powers-that-be systematically dismantling our nation that left an indelible mark. It's easy to get lost in the political chess game, to view these puppeteers as faceless architects of policy. But Mel K and I went deeper, reminding ourselves that these sinister forces are not merely attacking America; they are targeting us individually.

We dissected the personal toll of their calculated assault – an assault masked in political maneuvers but felt in the fabric of our lives. The uniparty's fingerprints are on the erosion of our liberties, the corrosion of our values, and the intrusion into our very thoughts.

So, I challenge you to take it personally. As the uniparty dances its sinister waltz, remember that every move they make is a strike against the individual – against you, against me. In a world intoxicated by political theater, let's strip away the masks and see the faces of those who play with our destinies.

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