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Texas Residents Shelter in Place After Explosion at Chemical Plant Causes Large Chemical Smoke Cloud

Real News No Bullshit reports on Instagram that:

An explosion at the Sound Chemical Solutions plant in Shepherd, Texas, has caused a large chemical smoke cloud, prompting officials to direct nearby residents to shelter in place.

The incident occurred in the small city within San Jacinto County. While the cause of the blast was unknown, one employee was reported to have sustained minor burns and was undergoing treatment, according to the company president.

Local emergency management warned of the plant’s storage of chemicals that pose significant health hazards. The initial protective radius of 5 miles has since been reduced to 1 mile around the plant.

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Polk County officials instructed residents to shelter in place as the smoke drifted toward Livingston, Texas. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has initiated air quality assessments to determine potential risks. Reports from locals in the area say they smell a chemical odor that “feels like a burning sensation in your throat.”

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