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Shannon Joy Shares Why She Cannot Support Donald Trump for President

Shannon Joy, host of The Shannon Joy Show on Rumble, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss her support for presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. We’ll discuss her critiques of President Donald Trump, as well as why a certain subset of Republicans and conservatives simply do not want another Trump presidency.

Shannon has taken the approach that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been involved in the covid scamdemic and pushing the covid bioweapon injections into the masses without any form of repentance, so neither one of them should be entertained as even an option for the role of President of the United States of America.

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As a Donald Trump supporter since 2012, I’ve come to different conclusions as to who I’m supporting for President (hint: Donald Trump), but Shannon makes some very valid points to support her position.

For example, President Trump ushered in the covid jabs with Operation Warp Speed, and has continued to tout the vaccines as having “saved millions of lives.” That’s simply dead wrong. Additionally, Trump’s promotion of private/public partnerships with big corporations like Big Pharma is not something that we, as conservatives, should support. In fact, that’s what we accuse the Democrats of doing all the time… so why do we tolerate it on our side of the aisle?

Given that Donald Trump is not participating in the GOP debates, he’s not able to respond to these valid concerns. For many of us Constitutional Conservatives, we want to know whether Trump has learned from his mistakes. Unfortunately for voters, we may not ever get an answer to that question.

There’s a lot to consider after this conversation. I still stand by my endorsements of Donald Trump on the Republican ticket and Robert F Kennedy Jr on the Independent ticket. However, we should also hold our own leadership accountable… and that includes President Trump.

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