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Senator Mike Morrell: Is Today’s Political Climate Too Divisive… or Not Enough?

Senator Mike Morrell (ret) joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the current state of politics. Many are saying that politics and culture have gotten too divisive and we need to come together to create unity… but is that even possible with today’s hardline progressive leftists agenda at play?

One of the things that we have to remember is that our job is promote and defend truth, not sway to and fro with popularity. As Senator Morrell shared, our Founding Fathers warned against a straight democracy, as that would just be a ruling of the majority. They wanted a system that also protected the minority.

As our nation becomes more democratic instead of the Constitutional Republic it was founded as, we see the policy trends moving away from the founding principles. Even Republican leadership is moving away from the pro-life position just because of polls. This is a dangerous precedent to set. All life is supposed to be protected… if you are willing to compromise on the life of the unborn, are you and I next?

Senator Morrell was first elected in 2010 as a Republican in the California State Assembly, and in 2014 won a special election to become the State Senator representing California’s 23rd State Senate District. His new book The Road to Restoring the Family: Leaving an Inheritance to Our Children’s Children is available on Amazon.

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