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Psyops Galore: Ann Vandersteel Dives into the Border Crisis, Hypocrisy, and Election Rigging

In the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Ann Vandersteel graced the audience with her insights into the chaos engulfing the world. Brace yourselves… it's time to navigate through the intellectual labyrinth of border crises, illegal immigration, and the ever-menacing cartels, all getting exposed in Operation Burning Edge, which is done in conjunction with Michael Yon

Vandersteel, one of the best investigative reporters we have, exposed the mind-bending hypocrisy of the Globalist Powers-That-Be. Apparently, they're all about borders and security when it comes to Ukraine. But hold your horses, America and Israel; they're ordering open borders for you. Is it a geopolitical strategy or just a global-scale psyop? Tune in to find out. Will this carnival of chaos will ever end?

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The nation's collapse, as expertly diagnosed by Vandersteel, is attributed to rigged elections. Forget the intricate legal battles and the complexity of the lawsuits; Michele Swinick has uncovered procedural laws that were apparently taking a coffee break during the chaos. These procedural laws, conveniently not followed, are now touted as the silver bullet to fix election fraud once and for all.

The episode bravely ventures into the arena of Trump vs. DeSantis, a match-up that's been keeping precisely nobody on the edge of their seats, given the fact that Trump is winning in a landslide. All DeSantis has is attacking Trump for his handling of covid, completely ignoring his role in promoting the covid jabs, locking down his state and only giving immunity to hospitals if they follow CDC guidelines. But that’s just the facts…

Trump, however, provided an air-tight contract with Big Pharma, as Karen Kingston recently shared on an episode of In the Foxhole. The only way Pfizer and Moderna can keep immunity for the jabs was if they provided a safe and effective vaccine. Hint: They didn’t.

Fear not, this episode doesn't leave you in the abyss of despair. We graciously wrap up with practical solutions. According to the sage advice from Ann Vandersteel, the key to turning things around in our country is to get involved with Tactical Civics. Visit their website at, where practical tactics and strategies you can implement immediately are shared. Be sure to sign up for more information and to get involved.

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There’s two things that Ann recommends that everyone does in this episode:

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