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Parenting in the Age of TikTok and Transgenderism

During a recent interview with my good friend Matt Couch on his Red Voice Media show Facts Not Fiction, I joined fellow panelist Nick Sortor to discuss the current age of TikTok and transgenderism, and all of the things that parents have to worry about with their kids that weren’t a thing just a few short years ago.

Unfortunately, just the other night Matt Couch was rushed to the hospital and he’s been in ICU ever since. According to a statement put out by his father, he’s combatting heart failure, kidney failure and liver function failure with blood clots scattered through his body. Doctors are warning that there’s a possibility that he could lose his foot. Please keep him and his daughters in your prayers. If you’d like to donate to the GoFundMe that was setup to help support him and his family, anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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