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Woke NBA Postpones Games: Almost One-Third of Fully-Vaxxed Players Out With Covid

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

The virtue signaling of the Leftist NBA has finally caught up to them. After having almost every player fully-vaccinated and boosted, teams have been forced to come to an unfortunate realization: They were wrong about The Jab.

The NBA has been struggling the last several weeks because teams are adding players to their Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols on an almost daily basis. In virtually every instance, these are fully-vaccinated and fully-boosted players. The league has even dropped the number of days required to be in quarantine for asymptomatic cases because they're running out of players. They've also established new rules for replacement when someone has to be played on the protocols.

Now, the NBA has been forced to postpone the matchup between ultra-woke Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets because too many fully-vaccinated players currently have Covid.

What no one seems to be talking about is that infection rate among these basketball players. These are healthy and athletic younger men that are contracting the virus at rates far higher than the general public. According to the data, less than 8% of Americans contract Covid-19 per year. Contrast that with the NBA, where there are currently 132 out of the 450 total players in the league currently on their Health and Safety Protocols after contracting Covid. That's about a third of the league CURRENTLY testing positive for Covid-19.

The Atlanta Hawks take the cake, however, with 12 players currently on the Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols list after testing positive.

What does this tell us? First, it should prove to everyone that The Jab simply does not work. It's clearly not stopping anyone in the NBA from contracting Covid-19, despite the fact that these are young healthy athletes.

Secondly, it could be evidence that the supposed "vaccines" are actually making the "vaccinated" more likely to contract Covid-19. A straight look at the numbers seem to point in that direction.

Just in case you think that these numbers are an outlier, the NFL is also running at an almost 30% covid positivity rate... just in the past month!

Next time you are told that the only way to get out of the supposed "pandemic" is to get everyone vaccinated, simply ask why the NBA and NFL are testing positive at a rate 45 times higher than the general population, despite being almost all fully-vaccinated and boosted. Clearly, The Jab doesn't work the way it was sold to us.


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