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Karlyn Borysenko: A Libertarian Critique of Conservatism

My good friend Karlyn Borysenko returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss her libertarian views, why she left the Republican Party after leaving the Democrat Party and her criticism of conservatives war against the transgender movement. While we do not agree on many of her perspectives, it was an important discussion that needs to be had more often.

One of my critiques of the Republican Party as of late is the libertarian streak that we’ve seen from the likes of Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Ric Grenell and many others. That’s been concerning for me, not necessarily because of libertarianism as a political ideology, but as a cultural and philosophical ideology.

Not too many years ago, I was much more libertarian than I am now. However, during the Donald Trump presidency, I realized that I cannot continue down that path.

The problem that I have the libertarian movement is that their worldview is rooted in atheism and hedonism. Everyone can do as they see fit, and we should respect everyone’s personal liberties. Now, Karlyn may disagree with this assessment, and that’s ok. This is just my observation as a Christian conservative.

I want to be clear, from a governmental standpoint, I am actually much more libertarian than a lot of my conservative and Republican friends. For example, I’m one that wants the government out of marriage altogether. Another one is that if an adult wants transgender surgery, they are free to do so and I’m not going to stop them. Do I believe it’s morally wrong? Yes. Do I think it’s the government’s role to enforce that belief? No.

This brings my to my conversation with my good friend Karlyn Borysenko (Happy Birthday!), who is one of the most extreme libertarians both politically and philosophically that I know. She also has one of the most well-thought out explanations for her views within this movement, so I wanted to dive into this issue with her.

We discussed a wide variety of topics, including the right’s war against transgenderism, gay marriage and we even got into whether Christians should proselytize non-Christians out of respect for their personal liberty.

Should the Republican Party be a Big Tent? In my opinion, absolutely. There’s room for anyone, no matter who you are, what your race is or how you identify. If you believe in the Constitution of the United States, there should be room for you within the GOP.

However, should conservatism be a Big Tent movement? Absolutely not! Conservatism is rooted within a Christian worldview, so we cannot compromise on our beliefs. So there’s a tension there between who is a conservative vs who is a Republican, and many get that confused.

All that to say, check out this episode with Karlyn Borysenko and begin to think through your worldview. What do you believe about each of these issues?

On a personal note, today is Karlyn’s birthday… so join me in wishing her the happiest birthday!

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