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Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Our Constitutional Rights?

Yesterday I was the keynote speaker at the Southern California Area Republican Women’s luncheon in Laguna Hills, CA. They asked me to speak about artificial intelligence and whether this new technology is a threat to our Constitutional Rights. Hint: Yes, it is.

If you thought that Elon Musk borrowed $44b to purchase Twitter with the sole purpose of defending free speech, you’re either gullible, naive or both. No lender would ever give away that much money without a gameplay to achieve profitability, and Twitter’s trajectory was heading in the exact opposite direction.

The Evangelical Church was the last stand against the tyranny we face today… and the enemy knows this, which is why they infiltrated and hijacked the movement, rendering it largely useless. In the book Church & State authors like Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Michael Brown, Denise McAllister and Jeff Dornik break down exactly how the Left was able to use the Church to conquer America. Order your copy today!

As I saw the direction Elon was taking Twitter, I immediately saw the writing on the wall: The purpose of buying Twitter was so that Elon could use all of our data to funnel into his technology to build the most relevant and up-date artificial intelligence on the planet. In fact, with the capabilities of being up-to-date in real-time, which is unheard of currently.

This would also explain why he allowed so many of us back on the platform citing free speech, when in reality we are continually being shadow banned and downplayed in the algorithms.

CEO Linda Yaccarino comes directly out of Hollywood and the World Economic Forum. She is not a defender of free speech. Both Elon and Linda have been running around touting their policy of “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” This means that you can say whatever you want, but if they don’t like it, they don’t have to allow people to see it.

That’s the equivalent of Elon setting up a stage with a mic and speakers in the middle of Times Square, advertising that he’s having a free speech event where you can get up stage and say whatever you want. You start talking about election fraud or covid jabs or some other topic you are passionate about, and he mutes your mic. You ask, “I thought this was free speech? You said I could say whatever I want” Elon replies, “Yes, it is… you can say whatever you want from the stage. But that doesn’t mean I have to turn the mic on.” That’s what’s happening on Twitter/X.

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Where is all this going? With Elon’s brain chips now being FDA approved and heading towards implantation to ultimately connect your brain to the internet and AI, we are facing an unpredictable future. I don’t see many upsides in the grand scheme of things, only negatives.

I explained all of this to the ladies at the SCARW luncheon, and the response was overwhelming. They are starving for a solution. Luckily, I’ve got one.

I, and my team, are in the process of building our own social media platform called pickax, which is beta launching in January 2024. This will be a completely constitutionally-protected free speech platform not beholden to Big Tech, with algorithms working on your behalf and monetization opportunities for content creators. I’ve also made a commitment to not go down the AI route as it stands because of the threat to the very existence of humanity as we know it. You can sign up for pickax to ensure you’re apart of the Phase 1 rollout of the social media platform at

If you are in Southern California and are a woman (biological women only, please), I highly encourage you to join the Southern California Area Republican Women’s (SCARW). For more information go to



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