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ICYMI: President Donald J. Trump Returns to Iowa, Lays Out His America First Agenda for 2024

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump returned to Iowa to deliver a policy-focused speech to thousands of supporters at the Adler Theater in Davenport. Despite frigid temperatures, thousands of Iowans began lining up to welcome President Trump eleven hours before his highly anticipated arrival.

Iowans from 77 counties line up to welcome President Donald J. Trump to Davenport

President Trump started the day by joining NEWSRADIO 1040 radio host Simon Conway to preview his trip and highlight his America First policies that have benefitted all Americans.

In anticipation of President Trump’s return to the Hawkeye State, 3,500 patriots packed the Adler Theater, while thousands of people overflowed outside of the venue. In total, over 16,500 grassroots sign-ups were collected by Team Trump, representing 77 of Iowa’s counties. President Trump drew nearly 10 times the crowd of his nearest challenger, who visited the area last week.

Over 3,500 people packed the Adler Theater to hear from President Trump

In his speech, President Trump highlighted the importance of protecting students from woke ideology in schools and empowering parents to make educational choices in the best interest of their children.

USA Today : “Trump, who spoke about a host of issues before turning to education, said he will cut federal funding for any school pushing ‘critical race theory,’ ‘transgender insanity’ or ‘any other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content on our children.’”

“‘I said the other day I will bring back parental rights into our school system, and the place went crazy,’ he said. Monday’s crowd, too, reacted with cheers, whistles and claps when he declared, ‘As president, I’ll fight to expand that right to every single state in America.’”

President Trump also touted his lengthy record of fighting and winning for American farmers, and laid out exactly what he will do when he returns to the White House.

“Within hours of my inauguration, I will cancel every Biden policy that is brutalizing our farmers — every single one,” President Trump said to a roaring ovation . “I’ll appoint a special team to attack the high price of fertilizer — we’ll get that taken care of.

“We won’t just increase ethanol production in our country, but we’ll export ethanol all over the world. And just as I did for four straight years, I will protect Iowa ethanol and I will go after anyone who wishes to destroy it.”

“With the insane Green New Deal, Joe Biden is trying to totally kill Iowa ethanol. By contrast, I fought for Iowa ethanol like no president in history.”

President Trump promised to hold China accountable and bolster American trade.

“I will implement a four-year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods and gain total independence from China,” President Trump said, drawing cheers of support from the crowd.

He also vowed to immediately reverse the radical and senseless policies from Joe Biden that is destroying the American farming industry.

“Under Joe Biden, it has been a non-stop war on American agriculture — you know that,” President Trump said, noting his trade deal delivered $28 billion for U.S. farmers . “Biden reimposed the Waters of the United States rule. He reimposed it on the first day in office. He is trying to raise taxes on farms, reinstate the death tax, and fertilizer prices are up almost 300%. Net farm income is projected to fall by 16% this year alone.

After his speech, President Trump answered questions from the audience and listened to the issues that are important in their communities.

When asked about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, President Trump said: “I saved so many different manufacturers. If you look at Whirlpool in Ohio, they had such a problem. South Korea was dumping, and China, thousands and thousands, millions of units in at a price that was not going to work. I ended that. I put a 50% tariff on. That part of Ohio is thriving today. Those companies are doing great. We have to look at individuals. We will be able to handle that situation very easy. Don’t forget, we have a power called the economy. The problem is we have people who do not know how to use it to our collective advantage. But I know how to use it.”

While in Davenport, President Trump made a surprise visit to the Machine Shed restaurant to greet local supporters. At the restaurant, President Trump ordered pot roast dinners to be delivered to the Davenport Fire Station , and ordered several pies to take back to Florida.

Roger Barwick, a maintenance worker at the restaurant, was elated to finally meet President Trump . “It was awesome,” he told WQAD-TV. “Used to seeing him on TV. Great seeing him in person. I think he’s gonna win, I think he can get us out of the big debt we got.”

“I think it says a lot that, you know, an individual with his title and you know, prestige that they take time out of their schedule to stop in and see the people everyday life,” said Matthew Kaperka.

Ahead of President Trump’s visit, he unveiled a list of key Eastern Iowa endorsements , including from former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, former Congressman Rod Blum, Iowa State Senators Jeff Reichman and Charlie McClintock, State Representatives Bobby Kaufmann, Craig Johnson, Anne Osmundson, Mark Cisneros, Steven Bradley, Derek Wulf, Heather Hora, Brad Sherman, and Cindy Golding.

This article was written by Matt Couch and originally posted by our friends at The DC Patriot.

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