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Human Traffickers Caught Taking Drugged, Sedated Children Across Border

The Democrat Party is always talking about compassion when it comes to illegal immigration. They'll say that we can't deport these poor illegal aliens because we've got to be compassionate and allow anyone who wants into our country to come in. While I would agree that most of the illegal aliens are, in fact, just trying to come to America for a better life for their families, allowing this to happen comes at a price. Often times, that horrific price is paid for by the very people the Dems claim to want to have compassion for.

The cartels are using and abusing these people. They'll get paid thousands of dollars per immigrant to sneak them across the border, and then use them as nothing more than bait to distract Border Patrol while they traffick drugs and children across the border to sell into sex slaves.

If you want to talk about compassion for these people, you would completely shut down the border and take away the power of the cartels. That would be true compassion.

Here's a video posted on Instagram of human traffickers smuggling drugged and sedated children across the border. The horrors these children face once across the border should be enough to make anyone get behind shutting down our Southern Border once-and-for-all.

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