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Dr Peter McCullough: The Covid Jabs are a US Military Operation Using Big Pharma as Marketing Shield

For anyone that’s been tuning into The Jeff Dornik Show or In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston and I, you know that covid jabs are nothing short of a bioweapon that’s been unleashed on humanity with devastating results. During today’s episode, Dr Peter McCullough revealed that the covid bioweapon injection development and rollout was actually a US Military Operation funded by DARPA.

“The CDC, as of December 9th, 2022, is certifying 15,732 Americans have lost their lives to the vaccine. That’s reported via doctors, nurses, coroners and others. A large number occur just a few days after taking the shot.

“In FDA testimony, the underreporting factor, since it takes a doctor to report that, the underreporting factor on that is probably thirty. Meaning the death count due to vaccines is probably 450,000 Americans.

“This is the biggest loss of life due to a biopharmaceutical product that’s originated out of the US Military from DARPA. From 2012, DARPA, the ADEPT P3 Program was a program that was developing messenger RNA vaccines to respond to pandemics. That’s what we’ve been experiencing.

“Moderna got its first money from DARPA and BARDA in 2013. This is a US Government program. The vaccine companies are just marketing shields.

"The vaccines, by the way, are made by biodefense contractors. Moderna is made by Resilience, a defense contractor. And then Johnson & Johnson’s AstraZeneca is made by Emergent BioSolutions outside of Baltimore. This is a US Military operation, the Pharmaceutical companies are marketing shields and Americans are being hurt.”

While many of us have been talking about how covid-19 and the jab are bioweapons funded by our own government, this takes things to an even deeper conspiracy. Notice that I didn’t say “conspiracy theory.”

After I suggested that the covid “vaccines” are actually bioweapons that were intentionally released onto humanity, Dr McCullough further explained:

“It was the Department of Defense that operationalized things. Remember, it is Defense funding through BARDA or DARPA that developed the vaccines. They weren’t developed in Operation Warp Speed. You can simply go onto the DARPA website, type in Messenger RNA, and you can see the origins of this in 2012.

"The companies have been positioned to be the shields to receive all of this criticism, but in fact it’s the US military. The original DARPA contractors, the ones who conceived of loading lipid nanoparticles with Messenger RNA - the worst idea of all time - that concept of delivering a vaccine into the human brain, the heart, the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs and then having genetic code installed.

"The payload for the lethal Wuhan Spike Protein, that was the worst scientific idea of all time and it’s been a wrecking machine for the human population.”

In light of the recent Twitter Files where we saw the FBI use Twitter as a front to strip us of our First Amendment rights, what we are seeing here is the United States Military using Big Pharma to inject us with a bioweapon they’ve been developing for almost a decade.

It’s time to shut down this “vaccine” military operation ASAP and hold those accountable. However, that’s clearly not going to happen unless we get the right people elected OR put enough pressure on them to force the proper action. We’ve got the truth on our side, now it’s just time for the action.

Given that we are living in a world of biological weapons like these Poison Death Shots, it’s more important than ever before to have a strong immune system. That means you’ve got to eat healthy, exercise and live a clean lifestyle. You should also incorporate Dr Zelenko’s supplement regiment to boost your immune system, which includes Z-Stack, Z-DTOX and Z-Flu. Order yours today using code FREEDOM for a discount at

Watch the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Denise McAllister:



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