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Dr Andrew Huff Provides PROOF They’re Deliberately Destroying Our Food Supply

Is the Federal Government ruing our food supply on purpose? All throughout Europe, there are WEF-Klaus Schwab backed initiatives for governments to start buying up farmland to control the supply and demand of the worlds food supply.

In America, numerous food processing plants and major agricultural centres have been targeted and have had strange explosions.

Just across the border in Canada, the government is making a dairy farmer dump 30,000 litres of milk because he is over quota. They won’t let him donate it to a foodbank or a homeless shelter or anything else. This is full authoritarian nonsense!

Join Seth Holehouse as he is joined by Dr. Andrew Huff and together, they attack the socialist-globalist agenda to destroy our food supply and weaken the American position globally!

The government already controls our food supply by controlling our trade with other countries and then more locally, through a program called CRP, (Conservation Reserve Program), the government literally pays farmers to not work and to not farm their own land.

So instead, they pay a farmer to let their land grow wildly for a set number of years, so they can control the prices of farming. Issues like this and much more will be covered by

Mr. Seth Holehouse and Dr. Andrew Huff as they bring together all the pieces of big government’s takeover!

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This article was originally posted on Freedom First Network.

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