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Disney Hires Joe Biden’s Chief Covid Vax Propagandist as VP of Global Communications

It seems like The Disney Company is trying to top its previous day’s controversy. CEO Bob Chapek is turning Disney into the wokest company in the country. They’ve already come under fire for lying about Florida’s banning LGBTQ grooming in elementary schools, as well as for proudly bragging that they are going to have half of all the new Disney characters be LGBTQ or minorities. Now they are continuing this trend with their latest hire.

Yesterday, Disney announced their new Executive Vice President of Global Communications, Kristine Schake. Now, most of you have not heard of her before, so you might be shrugging your shoulders and asking what the big deal is.

Schake is a Deep State Democrat operative, working as the Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, the Communications Director to Michelle Obama and the Deputy Communications director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. And, oh yeah, Alleged President Joe Biden put her in charge of the nationwide covid vaccine education campaign.

That means that Disney is hiring the person responsible for brainwashing Americans to believe that the Poison Death Shots are safe and effective, despite all of the evidence pointing otherwise. While Disney is bragging about using its movies to push propaganda onto children, their new Global Communications director is an expert at brainwashing the masses.

According to Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Disney, Geoff Morrell, Schake is going to help the company “integrate communications with government relations, public policy, and corporate social responsibility.” So more collusion between woke Disney and the government… yet another public-private partnership that is designed for Disney to push the propaganda that the powers-that-be desire.

Here’s the press release from The Walt Disney Company about the new hire, where they brag about the fact that she’s deeply entrenched with the Globalist Deep State of the Democrat Party:

The Walt Disney Company has named Kristina Schake as Executive Vice President, Global Communications, reporting to Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Geoff Morrell. She will be responsible for the Company’s worldwide communications strategy and operations, while also serving as lead spokesperson. Her appointment is effective immediately.

Schake has spent three decades working at the nexus of government, media, business, entertainment, and technology. Most recently, she was appointed by President Biden to lead the nationwide COVID-19 vaccine education campaign and was previously Global Communications Director for Instagram. Schake was Deputy Communications Director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and served in the Obama administration as Special Assistant to the President and Communications Director to the First Lady.

“I could not be more pleased to welcome Kristina to Disney and to have her leading communications for the company,” Morrell said. “Her experience in the public and private sectors, in political and corporate campaigns, make her ideally suited for this important role and to help me integrate communications with government relations, public policy, and corporate social responsibility into a new Corporate Affairs team. Together with the exceptional professionals at Disney, we will help the world’s greatest storytelling company engage even more effectively with our many stakeholders around the world.”

Said Schake, “As Disney approaches its 100th anniversary, I’m excited to lead the company’s global communications work at this pivotal moment of growth and transformation. The magical stories and experiences Disney creates enrich the lives of countless people around the world and it’s an honor for me to be a part of that, helping Bob Chapek, Geoff Morrell, and the talented teams throughout the company tell the story of Disney as it begins its second century.”

With this role, Schake is returning home to California, where she served for several years as the senior communications strategist for First Lady Maria Shriver, the Women’s Conference, and the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative. In 2009, she co-founded the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which led the successful bipartisan public awareness campaign and legal challenge to restore marriage equality to California. She began her career working for Los Angeles Mayor Richard J. Riordan. Schake is a native of Sonoma, California, and is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

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