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Dismantling the Globalist Lie About Red Meat Causing Diabetes

The vegans and globalists (which are actually interchangeable, when you think about it) have been pushing the narrative that red meat causes diabetes and cancer and is wrecking the climate through cow farts. At the same time they are doing this, they'll push their fake meat products.

Now, think about this... humans have been eating red meat since the beginning of time and never had to deal with cancer and diabetes until recent history. You know what has been popping up at the same time that cancer rates and diabetes rates are soaring? Processed foods. Chemicals. Pesticides. Vaccines. Pharmaceutical drugs. Increased levels of cane sugar. But let's blame the red meat.

So, which do you think is more likely to cause cancer or diabetes... red meat that is raised organically or fake meat made out of chemicals and processed ingredients? Ding, ding ding... I'll go with the latter.

Health and wellness influencer Mark Maroki posted this video on Instagram, breaking down the truth behind this common lie:

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Yeaah, I’m calling bullsh*t on this one🤦🏻‍

Stop watching and listening to news outlets like @goodmorningamerica , that push what they’re told to without any actual logic. Here’s a better idea guys, why dont you do a news segment on how the food score pyramid shown in the video above, is completely flawed and WILL cause diabetes. And question why that is the case…

I’m so tried of the bs nutritional advice that bashes on meat, eggs, & dairy. But willingly advocates for food pyramid scores like shown in the video above. Everything aside, let’s use LOGIC. What is better for us? Processed bs made in a lab? Or natural food made from animals that we’ve been eating since the beginning of time. Cmon man🤦🏻‍♂️

This is one of the reasons I'm promoting Freedom First Beef so much. I'm a hardcore meat eater... in fact, I'm 100% carnivore right now. But, while doing so, I'm having to make sure that it's grass-fed organic meat that isn't getting pumped full of growth hormones, vaccines or mRNA vaccines. With Freedom First Beef, I know that I'm building up my prepper supplies with premium-quality beef so that if the worst happens and I need to start eating my stash of prepper food, I'll be getting the best quality nutrition to help me thrive under any circumstances.

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