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CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain Warns If We Lose the 2022 Midterms, We Can Kiss America Goodbye

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The upcoming 2022 Midterms are vital to the future of America. As such, we can expect for more interference from Big Tech in order to rig the election through censorship and promotion or suppression from news stories that would impact their desired results.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is the perfect example of Big Tech suppressing a story that could harm their desired results from coming to fruition. They were extremely effective, even though they are now admitting that the story is true. However, the damage is already done. Joe Biden “won” the election, despite a significant portion of his voters stating they would never have voted for him had they known about Hunter Biden.

This is why it’s so important for us, as conservatives and truth-tellers, to have a voice in the upcoming election. Jeff Brain has developed his social media platform, CloutHub, to be a platform for anyone, no matter what their political persuasion might be, to have a voice.

Unlike many of the other alternative social media platforms such as Gab and GETTR, Brain takes a low profile and makes the focus be about the platform, not his celebrity. He views his role as developing technology to enhance the content creators’ voice, not simply his own.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t have strong political views and opinions. In fact, during this conversation that we had at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in San Diego, he made it very clear: It’s do or die time for America. If we lose this upcoming election, there may be no coming back from it.

This is why we’ve got to rise up as American citizens to defend our constitutional rights and ensure that we win this election in 2022, and then follow up with a decisive victory in 2024. It’s also why we must continue to fight to expose election fraud and preserve medial freedom. If we lose, we are done. It’s just that simple.

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