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China and Russia Strengthen Military Cooperation and Weapon Development

(Real News, No Bullshit) - China’s top military general has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss strengthening military cooperation and developing new weapon systems to protect China and Russia.

During the meeting, Putin told General Zhang Youxia about joint collaboration with China on developing “promising weaponry that are going to ensure strategic safety both for Russia and the People’s Republic of China.”

Putin also criticized the United States and NATO for “expanding their zone of influence.” Putin also said, “The United States is dragging alliance member states more and more into creating a tense situation in the Pacific Asian region. They are trying to establish new military-political alliances that would include the regional countries.”

General Zhang said, “The Russian Federation under your leadership faces the Western sanctions, but it shows that no difficulties are going to break you or Russia. China is willing to express its respect for this. We came to implement the agreements that you have reached with President Xi to speak about the military and technical cooperation and to solidify and strengthen the cooperation between our countries.”

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