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Brewing Freedom: Freedom First Coffee's Red, White, and Brew-tiful Black Friday Extravaganza!

Many of you are already customers of Freedom First Coffee, the coffee brand I launched several years ago. Many of you, however, didn’t realize that I actually have a coffee brand, and an organic gourmet one at that. We are having a massive Black Friday Sale that you will definitely want to take advantage of. But let me tell you a bit about Freedom First Coffee.

There’s lots of coffee companies out there. Many of you have your go-to brand that you start your morning off with. It’s a part of our morning routine… our ritual to get in the right mindset each and every day.

So when I came up with the idea of starting a coffee company, I understood that it’s a big ask for someone to change their morning routine with something new. We’d have to not only be different… but better than the rest.

When JD Rucker and I launched Freedom First Coffee, we had three main priorities and commitments:

  1. The coffee would be 100% organic gourmet coffee of the highest quality and the best flavor. We’ve accomplished that by standing by our commitment to using only organic coffee beans, given that coffee is one of the most heavily treated with pesticides in the entire food industry. Why start your day with a sleep cup of Joe when you could have an organic gourmet Cup of Freedom? Order Freedom First Coffee today... the most patriotic coffee in America. It tastes like Freedom. Use code JEFF for 10% discount on top of our already insane Black Friday Sale. We’ve also been able to create a coffee that tastes amazing. And that’s not just me saying it. I’ve gotten so much feedback from so many of our customers sharing that it’s the best tasting coffee they’ve ever had. We’ve accomplished this by fire-roasting our coffee in a Victorian-era coffee roaster, which brings out the perfect flavor through the caramelization process. As one of my friends told me after trying Freedom First Coffee: This is the way that I’ve always imagined coffee was supposed to taste.

  2. We’d do all of our roasting, packaging and shipping in the USA. While it’s almost impossible to sell coffee grown in America, unless you go with Kona beans which are extremely expensive and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to use, all coffee is grown in other countries. We are very particular about our sourcing and where it’s coming from. Once we get the beans, everything else is done right here in America. In fact, our manufacturing is done right in heartland of the country in a little town called Marceline in the great state of Missouri. Our coffee is quite literally roasted on Main Street USA… literally… that’s the name of the main street that goes through town. We’re working with a local family there that is working to revitalize the town and bring back jobs and tourism to this quaint little town. What we are doing through Freedom First Coffee is helping them to accomplish this goal. Every bag of coffee you buy from us goes to help bring back jobs and build something really special in this little town in the heart of this great country.

  3. We’d be the most patriotic, pro-America and pro-freedom coffee company in America. Many conservatives felt betrayed by Black Rifle Company after they tried to distance themselves from their base that is America First. We, however, embrace that about our customers. We don’t accomplish this with gimmicks or riding the coattails of anybody. We simply are who we are… pro-America, pro-freedom patriots that are putting in the work to save this country, both through our podcast network (Freedom First Network), a new social media platform (pickax), as well as bringing back jobs to the town of Marceline, MO, with every purchase of Freedom First Coffee.

Embark on a caffeinated revolution with Freedom First Coffee, where each cup is a declaration of flavor independence! Our organic gourmet brews are as bold as the American spirit, making your taste buds salute with every sip. Join the brew-haha and savor the taste of liberty – because at Freedom First, we believe in freedom, flavor, and the pursuit of the perfect cup! Order today and use code JEFF for a additional 10% discount on top of our over-the-top Black Friday Sale.

We’ve accomplished each of these three commitments and goals. We’re really ramping things up right now, and the company is growing as more people are trying our coffee and falling in the love with this perfect coffee flavor. We’re not just a gimmick, grifting off of being patriotic. We’re committed to the highest quality gourmet coffee that is always organic and is the best tasting brew you’ve ever tasted.

With all that said, I hope that you’ll take advantage of our Black Friday Sale. We’re offering 30% off site-wide, and then if you use promo code JEFF you can get an additional 10% discount. This is unprecedented and the best offer we’ve ever had. If you already love our coffee, you’ll want to stock up. If you haven’t tried it yet, take advantage of this insane deal… trust me, once you taste freedom you’ll never want any other coffee. Click here to order.

Why have a Cup of Sleepy Joe if you can have a Cup of Freedom?



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